About Us

Here at Higher Perspective, we believe every piece of art deserves our undivided attention. These pieces are one of a kind and are hand crafted with good intentions, love and care. Some of our pieces take weeks to make to ensure that not only are we satisfied by our art, but that the viewer is as well. Besides our art being aesthetically pleasing to look at, it should also give you a sense of harmony and peace when looking at it. Every canvas painted on has been measured and sized to find the golden ration within the canvas, this gives the artist good references of the horizon line and highlight points. Not only that, but all canvases have sacred geometric symbols that have been set as a base layer, such as the flower of life, tree of life, sri yantra and metratrons cube just to name a few. We do this because we believe that all art should be more than just looks, it should have a feel good vibe to it as well.