Pit-fired Pottery Commissions

$75.00 - $150.00
  • Pit-fired Pottery Commissions

The pottery made at Higher Perspective Art is one of a kind. ALL clay we have hand dug from either a local water source (river, lake, pond) or from a native clay hole.

We then process the clay by drying it, breaking it down, rehydrating it and finally sifting it through a mesh wire several times to get any pieces of organic debris.

After forming and burnishing it into whatever shape is desired, we then go to our final step.

This step is the most crucial and also the most exhilarating step of all, pit firing! This method of firing literally forges the clay body in fire and coal.

It gets as close to nature as possible by absorbing the smoke of the oak and pine wood used, which in turn displays beautiful shades and gradients of natural earthy colors.

Some of these pieces go a step further by being pulled out at the peak of hottness while the clays pores are still open, so that it can accept carbon imprints from strands of horse hair, feathers, dog hair, human hair or any other organic matter.

These pieces show striking patterns, some bold, some wispy and really do create a one of a kind piece. Many of time, these pieces are gifted or used as memorial pieces in remembrance of someone close.

Also keep in mind that these are polished with a beeswax while still in the cooling process after taking it out of the kiln, this keeps the luster of the burnish and gives it a warm buttery texture that you cant get from an electric kiln.